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Anything I find interesting in between or during my bouts of writing fanfiction like a spastic goose. Also references for rps. Enjoy.

Whenever you feel awful; Remember I once wrote Finwe/Celegorm and I still haven’t repented.

Give me a fandom and I’ll tell you which characters I would


  • Push off a cliff
  • Frick frack
  • Marry
  • Set on fire
  • Wrap a blanket around
  • Be roommates with

And if I’m not in the fandom, I’ll go by what I’ve learned from tumblr

Someone do this 

I’m bored


She had curves in all the wrong places - some of them cast a 3-dimensional shadows, still others hummed a low, discordant note as they flitted about like flies. She was nothing like other girls - she was an abomination from the 6th plane of torment

And now the weather

Ordering Pizza



damegorthaur said something. 

and then this happened. 

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my hand slipped

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  anoki said:
What are your favorite foods, alcoholic beverages and style of clothing to wear? Oh oh! Also favorite style of jewelry. :D

Savoury. I love savoury food. So much savoury good. I hate fish though.Alcoholic beverages? I love sweet. Baileys, moscato etc. Style of clothing? Covering and comfortable I guess. I don’t show my arms I don’t like wearing singlets or sleeveless dresses. Jewellery…. Don’t make me pcik that D: unfair.

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Why the fuck not y’all have been ornery lately

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The radio station played queen songs back to back this mornin making it the best drive to work ever